AMD Radeon RX 580 vs GTX 1070 Comparison Review

In this AMD Radeon RX 580 vs GTX 1070 review, we compare specifications, gaming and non-gaming benchmarks to enable you choose the best graphics card for you.

If you are looking to build or upgrade your PC, the RX 580 and the GTX 1070 are some of the best graphics cards in the market right now. They, however, differ in price and performance, but depending on what your needs are, one can fit you better than the other. Let’s look at the strengths and limits of each GPU. Read on!

AMD Radeon RX 580

The AMD RX 580, like most of AMD cards, is built for the budget PC builder looking for elite performance. It was released in April 2017 which makes it newer than the 1070. On its release, it was seen as almost similar to the RX 480 that had dropped a year earlier.

The card uses the fourth generation GCN architecture. It uses the Polaris 20 chip as its predecessor the RX 480. The GPU features a total 2304 shader processing units and is clocked at 1257 MHz base frequency and 1340 MHz boost clock.

The GPU is fitted with a maximum of 8 GB GDDR5 type RAM clocked at 8000 MHz. Moreover, the memory is connected through a 256-bit bus. The total bandwidth for the RX 580 is 256 GB/s.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070

The GTX 1070 is the fourth most powerful GPU in the Nvidia GTX 10’ series lineup after the 1080 Ti, the 1080 and the 1070 Ti. Furthermore, the Notebookcheck places the GTX 1070’s performance between the older GTX 980 Ti and the Pascal-based GTX 1080. This means it can be used for 4k gaming.

The GPU is based on the GP 104 chip. It features 1920 shaders clocked at 1506 MHz for the base clock and 1683 MHz for the boost clock. Moreover, the GTX 1070 has a max of 8 GB GDDR5 type memory, clocked at 8000 MHz and connected using a 256-bit interface. The total bandwidth is 256 GB/s, the same as the RX 580.

The GPU is built on the GP104 chip and it is manufactured in the 16 nm process at TSMC. The GPU features 1 HDMI, 1 DVI, and 3 DisplayPort connectors. It supports DirectX 12.0 (12_1) and OpenGL 4.5 APIs.

Benchmarks comparison

The benchmarks for the AMD Radeon RX 580 vs GTX 1070 comparison suggest that the 1070 is the stronger card. In the Passmark test by TechnicalCity, the 1070 scores 34% more the RX 580. The GTX also performs 15% faster than the RX 580 in the 3DMark Vantage Performance.

In the gaming tests by UserBenchmark, the GTX 1070 averages at 78 fps in GTA V max settings, 1080p. The RX 580 provides 56 fps. In Fortnite, 1070 averages at 122 against 91 fps and at 81 fps in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt against the 64 fps by the RX 580.


The performance of the GTX 1070 is significantly better than the AMD Radeon RX 580. It also uses less power than the RX 580 (150 vs 185 watts). However, the RX 580 may be cheaper and provide decent performance. Both cards are great and either one you choose will provide decent performance. Hope our AMD Radeon RX 580 vs GTX 1070 comparison was helpful. If you still have any question, ask it in the comments.