Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 vs GeForce MX150 Comparison Review

This GTX 1050 vs MX150 guide is intended to help you differentiate the two graphics cards from the GPU giant, Nvidia. The two cards are worlds apart in terms of specifications, in fact, the 14 nm process they are manufactured in and being Pascal based are the only things they have in common.

They were launched within one year so there isn’t much age difference. The GTX 1050 is the lowest of GTX 10 series gaming cards while the MX150 is not branded as a gaming card although it is capable of light gaming. Find out how the two low-end GPUs perform against each other.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050

The GTX 1050 is the lowest tier gaming GPU in the Nvidia’s GTX 10 series graphics cards. It was launched in the third quarter of 2016. Was built on a GP107 chip using the Pascal architecture. It is manufactured in the 14nm FinFET process technology.

Compared to the MX150, the GTX 1050 has superior specs. It features 640 shader process units with the GPU running at a core clock speed of 1354 MHz and 1493 MHz boost which is lower than the MX150’s base clock of 1468 MHz.

The GTX 1050 uses up to 4 GB of the faster GDDR5 memory connected using a 128-bit bus interface. The GPU’s memory speed is 7000 MHz. The GTX 1050 supports the DirectX 12_1 and OpenGL 4.5 APIs and features technologies such as G-SYNC and Vulkan.

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Nvidia GeForce MX150

The MX150 is an entry-level graphics card for laptops that was released into the market in May 2017. It is basically a GeForce GT 1030 GPU modified for use in laptops and notebooks. The GPU is based on the Pascal architecture and manufactured in the 14 nm FinFET process as its GTX 1050 counterpart, but it is built on the GP108 chip.

It features 384 shader units and the GPU runs at a base clock speed of 1468 MHz with boost of up to 1532 MHz. The GPU  uses 4 GB maximum GDDR5 memory using a 64-bit interface. The memory has a speed of 6008 MHz which is 1000 MHz less than the GTX 1050 memory speed.

The GPU has a maximum transfer rate of 48.06 GB/s. it supports Vulkan and Multi-monitor technology as the 1050. It supports DirectX 12_1 and OpenGL 4.6 APIs.

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The GTX 1050 vs MX150 benchmarks proves the obvious, that the GTX 1050 is more powerful than the MX150. In 3DMark Ice Storm GPU benchmark, the 1050 scores more than 55% better than the MX150. It also performs 97% better in 3DMark Fire Strike Score. The GTX 1050 performs 90% better than the MX150 in 3DMark 11 Performance GPU and 115% better in the Passmark non-gaming benchmark.

In the gaming benchmarks, the GTX performed better than the MX150 as expected. GTA V low settings at 1080p, the MX150 provided 77 fps while the GTX 1050 provided 96 fps. In medium settings, the MX150 dropped to 29 fps and the 1050 to a playable 61 fps. In Rise of the Tomb Raider, the GTX 1050 provided 70 fps while the MX150 had 40 fps in low settings.


The GTX 1050 provides at least 25% better performance than the MX150 if you look at the benchmarks only. However, the MX150 also has its advantages, such as up to 50% lower power consumption than the GTX 1050. The low power consumption and small size make it ideal for thin and light laptops. That’s all for GTX 1050 vs MX150 comparison. If you have any question let us know in the comments.