GTX 1060 vs 1070

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 vs GTX 1070 Comparison

In this article, you will find our GTX 1060 vs 1070 review intended to make your search for a gaming graphics card easier.

The GTX 1070 is the second card after the GTX 1080 to feature the 16 nm process while the GTX 1060 is the third. However, they are made for gaming at different resolutions with the GTX 1060 being a 1080p gaming card. And, the 1070 intended for 1440p and higher. Find out which is the best graphics card for you.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060

The NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 is a mid-range gaming card for desktops and high-end laptops that was launched by Nvidia in July 2016. It is the third graphics card by Nvidia to use the 16 nm Pascal architecture. And, is based on the smaller GP106 chip. It has a 6GB variant and a 3GB one which is clocked higher than the 6 GB but has 128 fewer shader cores, the performance difference is less than 10 fps between the two variants.

The GPU features 1280 shader units, it is clocked at a base speed of 1506 MHz. It can also be boosted up to 1708 MHz. The GPU uses a maximum of 6 GB GDDR5 memory clocked at 8008 MHz using a 192-bit memory interface. It has a memory bandwidth of 192.2 GB/s. And, it has 48 render output processors. It has a TDP rated at 120 watts, which is lower than the 1070.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 is a popular upper mid-range graphics card for desktops that was launched by Nvidia in June 2016. The card is based on the Pascal architecture and is the second card in the architecture to feature the 16 nm manufacturing process. Furthermore, the card is based on the GP104 chip.

The GPU features 1920 shader processing units which is less than the GTX 1080. It runs at a clock speed of 1506 MHz with the boost up to 1683 MHz. Unlike the GTX 1080 which uses GDDR5X memory, the GTX 1070 uses a maximum of 8 GB of the slower GDDR5 memory. The memory speed is clocked at 8000 MHz using a 256-bit interface. the GTX 1070 is rated at 150 TDP only.

Benchmark results

In this GTX 1060 vs 1070 comparison, you find that the GTX 1070 outperforms the GTX 1060 in almost every possible way. In the non-gaming benchmarks the 1070 has up to 42% much better texture details in Parallax benchmark. And, it is  35% faster multi-render in MRender benchmarks.

According to gaming benchmarks, the GTX 1070 provides 79 fps on GTA V maximum settings at 1080p against the 1060’s 61 fps. In Fortnite, the 1070 performs 18% better than the 1060 providing 120 fps against 101 fps. The same is replicated in PUBG where the 1070 provides 80 fps against 60 fps. The GTX 1070 performs better than the 1060 in all the titles tested. This includes the games Overwatch, DOTA 2, The Witcher 3 and Battlefield 4.


The Nvidia GeForce 1070 wins the performance battle against the GTX 1060. However, there are other things to consider before choosing the GPU that suits you the best. The GTX is a 1440p gaming card. Therefore, if your monitor is 1080p and has a refresh rate of 60 Hz. The GPU power would be wasted as the monitor is only capable of 60 fps. If you intend to game at 1440p it is better to go with the GTX 1070. However, If you’re into 4K you might need a more powerful GPU like the GTX 1080.

Hope you enjoyed our GTX 1060 vs 1070 comparison, if you have any questions let us know in the comments.