Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 vs Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Comparison

In this GTX 1050 vs 980 comparison, we put to the test the newer Pascal based GTX 1050 against the older Maxwell based GTX 980 to help you decide which graphics card you should get.

There is an age difference of 2 years between the cards. With the GTX 980, being released in September 2014 and the GTX 1050 being released in October 2016. Read on and find out if you should get the newer card or the older one for your gaming needs.

Nvidia GTX 1050

The Nvidia GTX 1050 is an entry level 10 series graphics card that was released by Nvidia in October 2016. It uses the GP107 chip same as the Ti variation but has 128 fewer shader units than the 1050 Ti. It is based on the Pascal architecture and manufactured using the 14 nm FinFet process at Samsung. As opposed to the 1060 and up that use the 16 nm process.

The Nvidia GTX 1050 offers 640 shader processing units and runs at a base clock speed of 1354 MHz that can be boosted to 1455 MHz. It uses a maximum 2GB GDDR5 RAM clocked at a speed of 7008 MHz.

It has a maximum bandwidth of 112 GB/s using the 128-bit interface. The GTX 1050 laptop version has the same specifications as the desktop version.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 980

The Nvidia GeForce is high-end desktop graphics card released by Nvidia as a part of its 900 series in September 2014. The card is based on the older Maxwell architecture and uses the GM204 chip. It is manufactured using the 28 nm process.

The GTX 980 features 2048 shader units and runs at a core speed of 1126 MHz. The core speed can be boosted up to 1216 MHz. it uses a maximum of 4GB GDDR5 memory using the 256-bit interface.

The memory speed is clocked at 7008 MHz and it has a memory bandwidth of 224 GB/s. the GTX 980M is the GTX 980 laptop version. It has the same specs but has fewer shader units and is clocked at lower speeds.

Benchmarks Comparison

In our GTX 1050 vs 980 comparison, we found that the GTX 980 performed better than the newer GTX 1050 in both gaming and non-gaming benchmarks. The Parallax benchmark by Userbenchmark, the GTX 980 provided 134% better texture detail than the GTX 1050 (236 fps vs 101 fps).

In the Mrender benchmark, the 980 had 109% faster multi-rendering with 164 fps against the 1050’s 78 fps.

According to the gaming benchmarks, the GTX 980 outperformed the GTX 1050 in all titles benchmarked on maximum settings in 1080p. In CS GO, the 980 provided 183 fps compared to the 114 fps provided by the 1050. In PUBG, the GTX performed 90% better than the GTX 1050 providing 70 fps against 37 fps.

The 980 also led in GTA V providing 64 fps compared to the 1050’s 38 fps in maximum settings. The 980 also outperformed the 1050 in other titles including Fortnite, Witcher 3, Overwatch and Battlefield 1 &4.


The GeForce GTX 980 provides better gaming performance than the GTX 1050 graphics card. However, the GTX 1050 is more power efficient with up to 90 watts less power draw than the GTX 980 (75 W vs 165 W).

It is also newer and is likely to have long time support. Both graphics cards are pretty good and either one you choose you will be good to go. Hope you found our GTX 1050 vs 980 comparison helpful. Let us know if you have any question in the comments.